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If you are a personal representative or executor, we act on your instructions. We can provide services ranging from advice only to ‘we do everything for you’. That way, you can keep control over the process and the cost by doing as much (or as little) as you wish.

Our firm has experience dealing with large and complex estates. Size and complexity in your loved one’s estate tends to equate to a more onerous and time consuming administration process.
This can range from an estate that is not difficult – but has many components that need to be tracked, to a case with various asset classes where it is necessary to spend time to understand the process of administration for each asset class. Both of these situations normally translate into more time and effort for the personal representative.

This is before the added complication that executors could be personally liable if things go wrong.
In addition to being authorised for probate work by ICAEW, the members of our firm are also recognised professionals in taxation, trusts and wealth management. Our knowledge, experience and in-house systems mean we can deal with the estate of your loved one efficiently and respectfully. We are also insured to deal with probate and administration.

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